Features when playing back by adapting the EQ curve


It sounds amazing enough with astonishing.
It is not a subtle difference like remaster resale
●It becomes a tone that has peeled off
Come out before the entire sound
●Sound spreads up and down, left and right
●Overtone sounds beautifully
Forget even exist of the speakers not only the size
Resolution of each musical instrument improves
nd localization fits perfectly
Improve channel separation
●Audible size and atmosphere of the recording venue
The solo playing jumps out and sounds clear
Increase the presence of musical instruments and singers.
It’s as if it would sing (play) in front of the listener
●Acoustics from the resonance box adds to the sound of the strings
Pizzicato has a rounded contour with a distinct sound
The sound of the piano becomes a solid.
●Scratch noise appears on 78 and SP engraving disc
A good sound to be heard in the next room
●Even with the old recording, it sounds with the same as the latest one
You can enjoy good sound regardless of the price and specifications of the audio device

Verdi Operatic Arias / Fischer-Dieskau 1959

Performer: Fischer-Dieskau / Erede, Berliner Phil.
Label :          HMV
Cat.No. :       ASD 407
EQ curve :   NAB
Status :        decision

  1. Il Trovatore: Il Balen Del Suo Sorriso
  2. Rigoletto: Pari Siamo!
  3. Rigoletto: Cortigiani, Vil Razza Dannata
  4. I Vespri Siciliani: Si, M’Abborriva Ed Aragion!… In Braccio Alle Dovizie
  5. Don Carlo: Per Me Giunto È Il Dì Supremo… O Carlo, Ascolta
  6. Un Ballo In Maschera: Alla Vita Che T’Arride
  7. Un Ballo In Maschera: Alzati!… Eri Tu Che Macciavi
  8. Falstaff: Ehi! Paggio!
  9. Falstaff: Ehi! Taverniere!… Mondo Ladro

A Strauss Concert / Krips

Performer: Krips / Wiener Festspiel o
Label :          Concert Hall
Cat.No. :      SMS 2271
EQ curve :   New Orthophonic
Status :        decision

  1. An Der Schönen Blauen Donau
  2. I-Tipferl-Polka
  3. Fledermaus-Ouvertüre
  4. Kaiserwaltzer
  5. Einzugsmarsch Aus “Der Zigeunerbaron”
  6. Waldmeister-Oouvertüre